Google Adsense

Earn money from Google Adsense

There are many ways to earn money from internet. Now a day gets a government job very tough.  So we have to earn money from home honestly by taking patience.

Google Adsense is one of the best ways to earn real online money from home. But is not so easy. You can earn lots of money from here. It is like a golden deer. To create a Google Adsense account takes too much time. First, you have a won website and you have to post regularly unique article for five to six months. Your website must be a domain site or subdomain site. You do not use .Cc, .UK it is like that. You can create your website from or Wordpress. You have to post 15-20 unique articles. If you create your website from, it is easy to apply for Google Adsense. There is a Google Adsense button. Click the button and there are a google Adsense from. Fill the form and submit it. But you don’t paste any copy write content and adult content in your web site. Then google ban your site. Never give any kind post, which you copy, from another site. Google will find you and ban your site. Don’t share your site with social networks like Facebook, Orkut, twitter. When you post article gives a unique title. When you use the title for the article you must use the key words. Your article must contain the title words. If you want more visitors to your site then you have to post more articles. You have found that which subject people search in google. Write the topic about that subject. You must submit your website link in google for approval.
If you have a website at then you go to your site and sign in with your password and email. Got to Earnings tab and apply for your Google Adsense account.
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