Photoshop Tutorial: How to change background in Photoshop cs6?

Photoshop Tutorial: How to remove/change background in Photoshop cs6?


This Photoshop tutorial is about How to remove/change background in Photoshop? Change the background in Photoshop CS6 easily.
Let’s see how to do it?

Open the Photoshop and load the image which you want to change the background.
Now select quick selection tool.
Start selection with this tool. You can use pen tool also.
If some extra part is selected, don’t worry! Select the subtract tool.
After selection go to Select then select Inverse option.
Now click on Refine Edge Tool, be sure you are working on layer option.
Put the smooth value 7
And Radius 4-5
Now drag the brush through the hair edge, it will remove the extra part from the selection.
And it will also soft the edge of the hair.
It is very difficult to selection hair for the beginners. I hope it will help you.
You can watch my another tutorial about hair selection.
Press OK.

Now copy the selection.
Go to the new background where you want to add the picture.
Press ctrl+v for paste the image.
If the image is bigger than your background then press Ctrl+T for scale.
Now scale the image. Be sure you hold the Alt+Shift key. Now you scale the image.
Use arrow key for the position. When you happy with the position of the image press Enter key.
You job is almost done.
For look and feel you have to adjust the background.
Go to Filter_blur_Gaussian Blur option.
Put the blur value 2 and press OK.
Now save the image.
In this tutorial you watch how to change the background in Photoshop cs6?