How to create Light Burst text effect in Photoshop?

How to create Light Burst text effect? Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial I will show you how to create Light Burst text effect in Photoshop? This Light Burst Effect is very simple and easy. I will show you step by step.
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First open Photoshop and take a New file, size width 1280, height 720
Then press ok.
Set foreground white and background black.
Now select Type Tool
I am using here Grand Sport 3D text front.
Size 180
Now type “Light”
Select Move Tool
Adjust the text in to the middle of the page.

 Click For large view

Now select light layer, go to fx- Blending Options


Select Gradient overlay, go to gradient and change the color
Red: fa0000
Yellow: ffe400
Now go to Bevel and Emboss
Change structure Depth 300,
Size 10,
Press ok.
Watch This Video Tutorial:

Now Duplicate the Light layer.
Select the “light copy” layer and right click, go to Rasterize option.
Now go to Filter-Blur-Radial blur
Amount 100
Blur Method- Zoom
Quality- Best

Then Press ok.
It will create spread or burst effect for the light.


Again Duplicate the Light copy Layer for 2-3 times more for burst effect. It will increase the strength of light.
Your light burst effect is ready.
You can add some smoky background or night space background it will look good and attractive.