How to Create Gold Text Effect in Photoshop?

How to Create Gold Text Effect in Photoshop?



In this Tutorial I will show you How easily we can create Gold text Effect? There are different type of text effect. It is a very creative work. I think you must love to create a text effect. Read the different type of text Effect, like

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Smoky Glass Text Effect
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Watch This Video
First, open Photoshop and take a new file with height 720 and width 1280
You can rename the file also.
Now select the Gradient Tool and drag the tool top to down with black and white color
Select Type Tool [T], and select text color: f18404
I am using here Karnac One front and front size 479
Now type Gold text.
Select Move Tool [V], and move the text in the middle of the page.
Now go to fx, then Blending Options
Select Bevel and Emboss options.
Depth 511%
Size 20
Gloss Contour: Ring

Now duplicate the layer
Click on mask option
Select Gradient Tool [G]
Open Gradient Editor and make sure that is in old black and white settings.
Then press OK.
Now I will create a reflection for the Gold text.
Go to Edit- Transform- Flip Vertical
Select Move Tool, and adjust the Duplicate Gold Text,
Now Select Gradient Tool and drag to create Reflection.

Gold Text Effect is ready.