How to Create Realistic Neon Light Text Effect in Photoshop?

Create an Easy Realistic Neon Light Text Effect in Photoshop:

This is a very simple and easy Photoshop Tutorial. Today I will show you how to create Realistic Neon Light Text Effect in Photoshop. 

Here I uploaded some picture for the tutorial, but try to explain everything. If you face any problem please watch my video tutorial. I think you will be feel every thing very easy.

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Video Tutorial Link: click Here


First, open Photoshop and Take a New File.
Width:1280, Height: 720
Select Type Tool [T]


Type: Party , I use "Corrida" Front, size 366 pt


Select Move Tool [V]
Select The Layer
Change the foreground to Black
Select background layer
Select Paint Bucket Tool
Fill The Background with Black Color

Duplicate the layer, you can rename it, like glow

Now select Glow layer and right click go to convert to smart object
Go to Filter- Blur- Gaussian Blur
Radius- 40px

                            Click to View Large

Blending Option:
Drop Shadow: Opacity 34%
Distance: 20px
contour: Cone

Rename the Party copy layer.
Go to fx, Blending options
Set the value like that
Drop Shadow: Opacity 75%
Color: aff3f1
Distance: 10px
Size: 8px

Inner Shadow:
Size: 5px

Outer Glow:
Color: 78d5e9
Spread: 10
Contour: Half Round

Inner Glow:
Color: White /ffffff
Source: center
Size: 10px

Bevel and Emboss:
Style: Inner Bevel
Depth: 300
Direction: UP
Size- 35px
Soften- 16px
Contour: Cove – Deep

                            Click to View Large

After settings, I will upload the Texture which I downloaded before.
Now drag and drop the texture with Move Tool to the main file.
Press Ctrl+T for scale tool and adjust the texture.
                            Click to View Large

Now we will adjust the texture color, press

Now drag the texture file down.
Now create a New Layer.

Filter-Render- Clouds
Change the layer mode to Overlay
Change the Opacity of the texture layer.

                         Click to View Large 

Create a New Layer again.
Now select Brush Tool but take soft brush, size you can take 10-20, because we will create now a wire.
Then select Pen Tool
Create a wire

                   Click to View Large

Now right click and go to stroke path option
Select the layer and go to Blending option.
Now select Drop shadow with default value
Now select Bevel and Emboss option
Set the value


Now it is look like a wire
Change the opacity for look and feel.
Realistic Neon Light Text Effect is ready now

                   Click to View Large

source image: