Photoshop Tutorial: How to change background in Photoshop cs6?

Photoshop Tutorial: How to remove/change background in Photoshop cs6?


This Photoshop tutorial is about How to remove/change background in Photoshop? Change the background in Photoshop CS6 easily.
Let’s see how to do it?

Open the Photoshop and load the image which you want to change the background.
Now select quick selection tool.
Start selection with this tool. You can use pen tool also.
If some extra part is selected, don’t worry! Select the subtract tool.
After selection go to Select then select Inverse option.
Now click on Refine Edge Tool, be sure you are working on layer option.
Put the smooth value 7
And Radius 4-5
Now drag the brush through the hair edge, it will remove the extra part from the selection.
And it will also soft the edge of the hair.
It is very difficult to selection hair for the beginners. I hope it will help you.
You can watch my another tutorial about hair selection.
Press OK.

Now copy the selection.
Go to the new background where you want to add the picture.
Press ctrl+v for paste the image.
If the image is bigger than your background then press Ctrl+T for scale.
Now scale the image. Be sure you hold the Alt+Shift key. Now you scale the image.
Use arrow key for the position. When you happy with the position of the image press Enter key.
You job is almost done.
For look and feel you have to adjust the background.
Go to Filter_blur_Gaussian Blur option.
Put the blur value 2 and press OK.
Now save the image.
In this tutorial you watch how to change the background in Photoshop cs6?

Quick & Realistic Face Painting Effect in Photoshop

Quick & Realistic Face Painting Effect: Photoshop Tutorial


There are so many ways to create Face Paint in Photoshop. This Photoshop Tutorial is very simple and quick, with in few minutes you can create a realistic face paint effect. This tutorial is very effective for the beginners.

Photoshop Face Paint! How to? Face Painting Effect! Photoshop Tutorial

Photoshop Face painting effect: This tutorial is about Face Paint in Photoshop. Today I will show you how to create Face Painting effect in Photoshop?  There are so many ways to create Face Paint in Photoshop. This Photoshop Tutorial is very simple and quick, with in few minutes you can create a realistic face paint effect. This tutorial is very effective for the beginners. I have seen so many tutorials in this subject but they are so complicated to remember for the beginners. I think it will help to create the face paint effect.

First open Photoshop and load the images.
I have taken 2 images one is face and other one is flag, this is Hyderabad sunrisers T20 cricket team logo. I will paint this logo on the face.
Now double click on the layer and unlock the face image.
Select Quick selection Tool.
Set the brush size 20 pixel
Now I will select the face. There are so many processes to select the face; you can use the pen tool also. For this tutorial I will use Quick selection Tool.
I will subtract the selection from ears and hair. Reduce the brush size. It is depend on image size.
Now slowly subtract the selection.
Now press ctrl+J for copy the selection of the face.
Now switch off the main layer visibility.
Now duplicate the layer and go for the New Document option.
Write the name as displacement. Then click ok.
Go to Filter, blur, Gaussian blur option.
Put the blur value 3
Now go to adjustment layer and select black and white option.
Save the file as displacement in psd format.
Click ok and close the file.
Add layer mask for the copy face layer.
Select brush tool for layer mask.
Be sure foreground is black and background is white.
I will mask the eyes part of the face, slowly brush over the eyes.
After finishing the first eye go for the second eye.
Now go to the logo image.
Switch on the visibility of the main layer.
Select Magic wand tool. I will remove the white part of the image. Click select and press delete button.
Press Ctrl+D for deselection.
Select Move tool.
Now move the logo image on the face image. Hold left mouse button and drag the image to the face image. Now release the mouse.
Now change the opacity. Make it 50 to 55 %
Press ctrl+T for Scale Tool, scale it according to the face size.
Now click switch between free transform and wrap mode tool.
Arrange the logo image according to the face and your look and feel. It is very easy to handle. Just click on the graph any where and move the mouse.
Now hit Enter button to return.
Right Click on the logo image and go to Create Clipping Mask option.
Go to layer mode option and select multiply.
There is some black line; I will remove the line with Eraser tool.
Now increase the opacity around 80-90 %
Now go to Filter- Distort-Displace option.
Keep the default settings.
Now open the displacement file, before we saved.
It will adjust the logo image with the face depth and the paint will look realistic.
Press Ctrl+T for little adjustment.
Now give the final touch.
Press Enter to return.
Hold Alt key and move the copy of mask to the logo paint layer.
Now go to adjustment layer, and select Vibrance option
Set the vibrance value 60-70, and saturation 10
Your job is done.

Recently whatsapp updated 5 new features May 2016: You should know

Whatsapp Latest Update New Features May 2016


Recently whatsapp updated some new features May 2016.
Lets see what these new features are. The new version is 2.16.57
Today I will show you all these new features.

Watch This Video Tutorial

1. Reply Messages:
You can reply messages directly from notifications. Do not need to open the whatsapp.
Let's see the example. I will send a message to my phone through other phone.Watch on the notification bar. Just down the slider you will find the reply option.
Tap on it and reply the message easily and quickly. No need to open the whatsapp.

For this features you have to checked the notification option enable.
* Go to the settings option.
* Now select apps.
* Go down and select whatsapp.
* Now enable show notification option, blue color tic mark, otherwise you can not use this feature.

2. Camera Roll and Gallary Images:
If you open Quick camera button you can see the camera roll and images from the gallery. You can select the images and send or post through chat to your contacts.
Let's see the example
Open whatsapp and go to the chat option. Now select anyone. Tap on the camera button.

This Camera roll feature was not available previous version. You had to select the images from Gallary or Folder. With this features you may save some times and easily send pictures to your contacts.

3. Solid color Wallpapers:
Previously you could add wallpapers in the whatsapp chats. Now you can add solid color wallpapers.
Let's see the example:
Go to the chat of your any contacts and click 3 dot option.
Go to wallpaper, then select Solid color.
Now you will see the different types of solid color wallpaper.
you can use any color and set for your contacts.
you can swipe left or right to preview more color and which is the best color for the contact.
After selecting the color click on Set button.

4. Select Multiple Chats:
you can delete, save or archive them. Just hold tap on any chat contact, it will select the contact. now select one by one.
There are archive, delete and mute options.
You can count the number of selections.Tap on archive .
5 chats archive in 1 tap.
Through this process you can delete and mute the multiple chats easily.

5. Chat Text effect:
Italic, bolt & strikethrough effect
Go to chat and type
* For type Italic, use underscore ( _ ) before and after the word and send.
* For type bolt use star ( * ) before and after the word and send.
* For type strikethrough use this before and after the word and send .
In this tutorial I told you how to use Whatsapp Latest Update and New Features.

Advance Photoshop Tutorial for Hair selection & Extarct Hair

Advance hair selection in Photoshop cs6. This Advance Hair Selection Photoshop Tutorial is quick and effective. You can easily extract hair with this Photoshop tutorial. I will show you step by step,
How to extract hair from background? Selecting hair using Refine Edge tool in Photoshop CS6.


How to select or extract hair in Photoshop CS6?

In this Tutorial I will show you how to select or extract hair in Photoshop. This is very quick and effective Photoshop Tutorial. This is one of the easiest and advance ways to select or extract hair in Photoshop.
Watch This Video Tutorial 

* Open Photoshop and load the images. I have taken two images, one for hair selection and other one is for background purpose.
* Select Quick Selection tool and select the character smoothly.
* Now go to Refine Edge Tool.
* In the popup menu go to the View Mode option and check what is the best view mode for the work, check one by one. Overlay. On black. On white. On layers. Revel Layer.
* I will work On layers.
* See the magic, background is vanished.
* Now click on brush tool and adjust the brush size.
* Now come to the out put option and select New layer with Layer mask option.
* Change the Radius value.
* Now Brush over the hair edges gently, it will refine the hair and remove the noise from the hair.
* For more depth of the hair, you can check Decontaminate option and increase the value. Now press OK.
* For more depth of the hair duplicate the layer. It will increase the volume of the hair.
* This is very quick and effective tutorial for hair selection in Photoshop.

How to color the black and white image? photoshop Tutorial

How to color the black and white Photo?

How to convert black and white photo to color photo? 
Easily colorize a Black and White Photo in Photoshop. There are so many ways to colorize the old black and white image. This is the very simple and easy process for Colorize the black and white photo.

Do you have the black and white memories of your childhood? Then don’t waste your time just colorize the black and white photo. Some days before there was no option for color photo all the black and white photos only. I think we all have the black and white memories. If you want, you can easily color those images. How to colorize the black and white images?
Today I will show you how to color the black and white images easily. Many of us don’t know that we can convert black and white image to color image and also think it is very costly. Then you are wrong. You can easily color the black and white image in a very less time. No need software expert, if you know little bit of Photoshop then you can easily do the work. Just watch my tutorial; it will help you a lot. Take your time and change all the black and white photos to color in your home only

First open Photoshop and load the image
Now go to Layer and duplicate the image for back up
Now select Quick Selection Tool and slowly select the back ground
You can use Control or Alt for + minus selection
Before doing anything check properly the unwanted selection
Go to Refine Edge Tool and select the Smart Radius option, adjust Smooth and Radius little bit as per your requirements, Then hit OK
Now go for solid color option and select the color
Press F7 for view the layer
Now change the Mode to Color and open the color pad for adjust the color
Background is finished; you can take different color also
Go back to the main Layer, Now I will work for the cap
Same process I will apply
Select Quick Selection Tool and select the area, It’s a small kid cap, that’s why I will apply different color for the cap, it will look good
Lets first the work
Go to Refine Edge Tool and select the Smart Radius option, adjust Smooth and Radius little bit as per your requirements, Then hit OK
Now go for solid color option and select the color
Press F7 for view the layer
Now, change the Mode, but check which mode is the best, most of the time Color and Overlay is give the best out put

Remember one thing, when you start new part of the picture always select the main layer and start your work.
Same process I will repeat, just watch

Now I will work with pen Tool for the shirt,

When you work for the face select with very minutely because face is the most important part of the image, be careful when you work with face
Don’t not select the eyes when you work for the face, otherwise it will be the same color, like face
Change the eye color also it will look very attractive

How to make a smooth and soft face in two minutes? Photoshop Tutorial

In this Photoshop Tutorial I will show you How to smooth or soft your face in? In a couple of minute you can make the face smooth. I will show you step by step in this tutorial. Learn with very easy and simple process and one thing it is taking very less time.


How to make a smooth and soft face in two minutes?

First open the Photoshop
Now open the image or picture

Now double click on the image layer and unlock the layer

 Click The image To Large View
Now right click on the image layer and go to duplicate the layer.

 Click The image To Large View

Select the duplicate layer; go to Convert to Smart Object option.

 Click The image To Large View

Go to Filter Blur Gaussian Blur option

 Click The image To Large View

Keep Blur Value 4 pixels and click on OK
Now select Smart Filter layer

 Click The image To Large View

Change Foreground color to Black
Select Paint Bucket tool [G] and click on the image
Now change foreground color to White.
Select soft Round Brush [B]

 Click The image To Large View

Now zoom the image and brush the image smoothly

 Click The image To Large View

Remember one thing don’t touch the brush on hair or eyes and eyebrows
You can change the opacity for how much smoothness you want

 Click The image To Large View

Now you compare the after and before images.


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How to Create Gold Text Effect in Photoshop?

How to Create Gold Text Effect in Photoshop?



In this Tutorial I will show you How easily we can create Gold text Effect? There are different type of text effect. It is a very creative work. I think you must love to create a text effect. Read the different type of text Effect, like

Fire Text Effect
Smoky Glass Text Effect
Neon Light Text Effect
Light Burst Text Effect

Watch This Video
First, open Photoshop and take a new file with height 720 and width 1280
You can rename the file also.
Now select the Gradient Tool and drag the tool top to down with black and white color
Select Type Tool [T], and select text color: f18404
I am using here Karnac One front and front size 479
Now type Gold text.
Select Move Tool [V], and move the text in the middle of the page.
Now go to fx, then Blending Options
Select Bevel and Emboss options.
Depth 511%
Size 20
Gloss Contour: Ring

Now duplicate the layer
Click on mask option
Select Gradient Tool [G]
Open Gradient Editor and make sure that is in old black and white settings.
Then press OK.
Now I will create a reflection for the Gold text.
Go to Edit- Transform- Flip Vertical
Select Move Tool, and adjust the Duplicate Gold Text,
Now Select Gradient Tool and drag to create Reflection.

Gold Text Effect is ready.

How to Create Realistic Neon Light Text Effect in Photoshop?

Create an Easy Realistic Neon Light Text Effect in Photoshop:

This is a very simple and easy Photoshop Tutorial. Today I will show you how to create Realistic Neon Light Text Effect in Photoshop. 

Here I uploaded some picture for the tutorial, but try to explain everything. If you face any problem please watch my video tutorial. I think you will be feel every thing very easy.

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Video Tutorial Link: click Here


First, open Photoshop and Take a New File.
Width:1280, Height: 720
Select Type Tool [T]


Type: Party , I use "Corrida" Front, size 366 pt


Select Move Tool [V]
Select The Layer
Change the foreground to Black
Select background layer
Select Paint Bucket Tool
Fill The Background with Black Color

Duplicate the layer, you can rename it, like glow

Now select Glow layer and right click go to convert to smart object
Go to Filter- Blur- Gaussian Blur
Radius- 40px

                            Click to View Large

Blending Option:
Drop Shadow: Opacity 34%
Distance: 20px
contour: Cone

Rename the Party copy layer.
Go to fx, Blending options
Set the value like that
Drop Shadow: Opacity 75%
Color: aff3f1
Distance: 10px
Size: 8px

Inner Shadow:
Size: 5px

Outer Glow:
Color: 78d5e9
Spread: 10
Contour: Half Round

Inner Glow:
Color: White /ffffff
Source: center
Size: 10px

Bevel and Emboss:
Style: Inner Bevel
Depth: 300
Direction: UP
Size- 35px
Soften- 16px
Contour: Cove – Deep

                            Click to View Large

After settings, I will upload the Texture which I downloaded before.
Now drag and drop the texture with Move Tool to the main file.
Press Ctrl+T for scale tool and adjust the texture.
                            Click to View Large

Now we will adjust the texture color, press

Now drag the texture file down.
Now create a New Layer.

Filter-Render- Clouds
Change the layer mode to Overlay
Change the Opacity of the texture layer.

                         Click to View Large 

Create a New Layer again.
Now select Brush Tool but take soft brush, size you can take 10-20, because we will create now a wire.
Then select Pen Tool
Create a wire

                   Click to View Large

Now right click and go to stroke path option
Select the layer and go to Blending option.
Now select Drop shadow with default value
Now select Bevel and Emboss option
Set the value


Now it is look like a wire
Change the opacity for look and feel.
Realistic Neon Light Text Effect is ready now

                   Click to View Large

source image:

How to create Light Burst text effect in Photoshop?

How to create Light Burst text effect? Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial I will show you how to create Light Burst text effect in Photoshop? This Light Burst Effect is very simple and easy. I will show you step by step.
Here you can read some Text Effect Tutorials, like Fire Text Effect, Smoky Glass Text Effect, Stone Text Effect etc.

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First open Photoshop and take a New file, size width 1280, height 720
Then press ok.
Set foreground white and background black.
Now select Type Tool
I am using here Grand Sport 3D text front.
Size 180
Now type “Light”
Select Move Tool
Adjust the text in to the middle of the page.

 Click For large view

Now select light layer, go to fx- Blending Options


Select Gradient overlay, go to gradient and change the color
Red: fa0000
Yellow: ffe400
Now go to Bevel and Emboss
Change structure Depth 300,
Size 10,
Press ok.
Watch This Video Tutorial:

Now Duplicate the Light layer.
Select the “light copy” layer and right click, go to Rasterize option.
Now go to Filter-Blur-Radial blur
Amount 100
Blur Method- Zoom
Quality- Best

Then Press ok.
It will create spread or burst effect for the light.


Again Duplicate the Light copy Layer for 2-3 times more for burst effect. It will increase the strength of light.
Your light burst effect is ready.
You can add some smoky background or night space background it will look good and attractive.


How to add a logo watermark for all YouTube videos?

How to add a logo watermark for all YouTube videos?

In this tutorial, I will show you, how to add watermark for YouTube videos? But why we use Watermark for YouTube videos?  There are so many interesting features within YouTube and so many people don't know that. 


A watermark does so many things for the owner of YouTube channel. It is the very simple way to get the viewer for subscribe your channel. When some one move the cursor over the watermark, it will inform about your channel and you can ask the people for subscribe your channel through this watermark. Most of all it is looking a professional and beautiful. If someone clicks the watermark it will redirect the viewer to the channel page and he can watch the other videos. I know there is a subscribe button in your channel but it will gives you extra privilege for subscribe and everyone want subscribers for the YouTube channel. 

How to create a watermark for YouTube channel?

You can use any software for creating the logo or watermark for the channel.  For me I am using Photoshop software, it is very helpful software and there is so many facilities and options. If you don’t know Photoshop then you can take the help of other software. Online photo editing software is there you can use that.

Watch This Video

Remember these things:
Photo size should be 800*800
Try to make it in .png format.
Transparent will give you best result.
Use one color for watermark.
File size not more than 1 MB.

How to Upload the Watermark for YouTube videos?

First, sign in your YouTube account and go to video manager.
Now click on channel.
Click Branding.
Now, you will find Add a Watermark option. Click that option.
It will ask you to upload a watermark. Click browse option.
It will also suggest you, for best results, use transparency and just one color and file size not more than 1mb.
You can upload your YouTube channel logo or subscribe button. I will tell you one thing; upload a .png file for best result.
Now click on save button.  
There is an option like; you can set the water mark for end of the video, Custom Start time or entire video.
I like this option for entire video and click update.
Now go back to the video manager option.
Water is ready for the YouTube videos, now I will show you how is it looks like?
Play a video from your channel.

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