How to create realistic fire Text effect in Photoshop?

How to create a nice realistic fire Text effect in Photoshop?


In this Photoshop Tutorial I will show you How to create a realistic fire Text effect in Photoshop? For create Fire Text Effect I am using Photoshop CS5.

There are so many ways to create text effect in Photoshop, but I will show you the simple process to create realistic Fire Text Effect in Photoshop step by step. I think this Tutorial is perfect and it  will help the beginners a lot. I try to experiment the fire text with easy process and hardly tried to make it realistic and nice.  I am using real fire image to create more realistic and attractive.

Fire Text effect is one of the most classic effect in Photoshop. It makes me really happy when I create really that kind of effect. In this tutorial I added some flame type of fire effect, it makes the image really nice.

Watch The Video Tutorial:

First Take a New File {Ctrl+N} Size: 1280*720
Switch Foreground and Background, set it [Black & White]
Then Select Paint Bucket Tool and fill the layer with Black Color
Select Type Tool{T} and change Foreground to White

Type: Fire
Select Move Tool, and adjust the Text Fire

Select The Layer "Fire" Text go to Fx- Blending Option
Outer Glow: and change the color f72doc, Opacity: 100%, Size: 10
Color Overlay: color- cd7e2e

Go to Satin and change the Blend mode to Multiply and change the color.
Satin: blend Mode: Multiply , color: 8e2f10, distance=9, size=13
Inner Glow: Blend Mode: Color Dodge, color: f29b58,
Now change the Elements size=13, and Blend mode Opacity=100%
Now click OK

Go to the Fire Layer and Right click and select "Rasterize Type"

Filter-Distort-Zig Zag, Value: Amount=6, Ridges=5, make sure style is "Pond Ripple"
Then press OK.

Now Select Eraser Tool[E] with soft brush : size=298px
Erase some part of the Fire text for realistic look
Select Move tool[V]

Now, Load Fire Image from computer, which I downloaded before.
Move the Fire Image to the Main file

Select "Fire Image Layer" go to CHANNELS
Ctrl+Left Click for selection, Here I selected Red Channel
Go back to the Layer and Hit [Ctrl+J] It will Copy The Selection with New Layer, and off the Main Image Layer

Press [Ctrl+T] for scale the Image {Here Layer 2}
move and adjust little bit
Now Hit "Enter"
select Eraser Tool[E] and adjust the image using Eraser Tool[E]
Ctrl+J for duplicate the layer.
Repeat the same process 3-4 times, and adjust according to your look and feel

select Move Tool[V],
Hit [Ctrl+J] and move Image
Fire Text Effect is Ready Now


In this tutorial you watch How to create realistic fire Text effect in Photoshop?


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