How to add Custom Thumbnail for YouTube Videos?

Today I will show you, How to add Custom Thumbnail for YouTube Videos?


Why we change Custom Thumbnail for YouTube Videos?
I think Custom Thumbnail is one of the most important part for YouTube video. A viewer can easily understand what is about your video? One Custom Thumbnail can express everything and there is a scope to tell the viewer what you want to say through your video.

This is very simple and easy tutorial for the beginners who are new in YouTube.
Watch This Video: 

After uploading, the video YouTube gives you three default pictures from your video for video thumbnail. But some times it is not looking good because, it is automatically take some unnecessary parts form video. There is a nice option, you can use Custom Thumbnail.

Just click here and open the image from the computer. You have to create the image which you want to use for custom thumbnail. After uploading the image, wait for few second and Custom Thumbnail is ready for your video.
In this way you can change Custom Thumbnail for the YouTube video. Now click on Publish option.

Suppose you have already uploaded the video before, but now you want to change Custom Thumbnail.
First, go to video manager, and then click on Edit.
Under “info and settings” you can see the Custom Thumbnail option. Now click and change the image for Custom Thumbnail.

In this tutorial you learn, How to add Custom Thumbnail for YouTube Videos?

In a short way:
Sign in to your account- Go to Video Manager- Edit- Custom Thumbnail.

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How to create realistic fire Text effect in Photoshop?

How to create a nice realistic fire Text effect in Photoshop?


In this Photoshop Tutorial I will show you How to create a realistic fire Text effect in Photoshop? For create Fire Text Effect I am using Photoshop CS5.

There are so many ways to create text effect in Photoshop, but I will show you the simple process to create realistic Fire Text Effect in Photoshop step by step. I think this Tutorial is perfect and it  will help the beginners a lot. I try to experiment the fire text with easy process and hardly tried to make it realistic and nice.  I am using real fire image to create more realistic and attractive.

Fire Text effect is one of the most classic effect in Photoshop. It makes me really happy when I create really that kind of effect. In this tutorial I added some flame type of fire effect, it makes the image really nice.

Watch The Video Tutorial:

First Take a New File {Ctrl+N} Size: 1280*720
Switch Foreground and Background, set it [Black & White]
Then Select Paint Bucket Tool and fill the layer with Black Color
Select Type Tool{T} and change Foreground to White

Type: Fire
Select Move Tool, and adjust the Text Fire

Select The Layer "Fire" Text go to Fx- Blending Option
Outer Glow: and change the color f72doc, Opacity: 100%, Size: 10
Color Overlay: color- cd7e2e

Go to Satin and change the Blend mode to Multiply and change the color.
Satin: blend Mode: Multiply , color: 8e2f10, distance=9, size=13
Inner Glow: Blend Mode: Color Dodge, color: f29b58,
Now change the Elements size=13, and Blend mode Opacity=100%
Now click OK

Go to the Fire Layer and Right click and select "Rasterize Type"

Filter-Distort-Zig Zag, Value: Amount=6, Ridges=5, make sure style is "Pond Ripple"
Then press OK.

Now Select Eraser Tool[E] with soft brush : size=298px
Erase some part of the Fire text for realistic look
Select Move tool[V]

Now, Load Fire Image from computer, which I downloaded before.
Move the Fire Image to the Main file

Select "Fire Image Layer" go to CHANNELS
Ctrl+Left Click for selection, Here I selected Red Channel
Go back to the Layer and Hit [Ctrl+J] It will Copy The Selection with New Layer, and off the Main Image Layer

Press [Ctrl+T] for scale the Image {Here Layer 2}
move and adjust little bit
Now Hit "Enter"
select Eraser Tool[E] and adjust the image using Eraser Tool[E]
Ctrl+J for duplicate the layer.
Repeat the same process 3-4 times, and adjust according to your look and feel

select Move Tool[V],
Hit [Ctrl+J] and move Image
Fire Text Effect is Ready Now


In this tutorial you watch How to create realistic fire Text effect in Photoshop?

How to create a successful YouTube channel with set up?

There is a question, What is YouTube Channel?
YouTube is one of the best platform where you can spread yourself whole over the world. You can share your ideas, thinking,  creativity, knowledge about any subject through the video. Suppose, you have a great knowledge about a software, then you can create Tutorials about that software and share through YouTube. Your job is like a teacher. One more thing YouTube is totally free.

Why you should create a YouTube Channel? 
when you share your ideas in YouTube through videos, it will create your international identity and YouTube will pay you. How you will get paid from YouTube? I will discuss about that later, just stay with me. 

How to create a successful YouTube channel with set up? 

Watch This Video

If you want to earn money from online, then YouTube is one of the best place.
First you have to Create a Google Account for YouTube channel. If you don’t know, how to create a Google Account? Watch this video step by step guide is there. Just click the link if you want to see.

After creating Google Account, just Sign in.
Now go to YouTube
Click right side top corner, where is the profile picture and settings.
Now click on YouTube settings.
Go down you will find the option Create a new channel. Click the option.
Now write your channel name, here I will show you a demo channel, so you will write what you like.
In category option you choose what you want, for this demo channel I select other.
Your channel is connected with Google Plus Page, so you must agree with pages terms.
Your YouTube channel is ready.

Now click on YouTube Sign in and select your channel.
Now we will design our channel and we will see:

How to add cover photo and profile photo?

Click on Channel art to add cover photo.
Select a photo from computer for upload.
After uploading, click on select.
Now we will change profile photo. It is also called channel icon.
Click on settings button,
Your channel is connected with Google Plus account, edit on Google plus may take few minutes to show on your channel.
Now select a photo from your computer.
Now click on set as profile photo.
Same way you can change Google page Cover Photo.
Now go back to your YouTube channel.
It will take few minutes to update your YouTube channel Icon.
Open your channel after few minutes, icon will change.
In this tutorial you see how to create a New YouTube Channel and How to change channel art and icon?

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Why you use Google Account and How to create a Google Account?

How to create a Google Account?



How to make a Google Account? Step by Step Instructions. If you follow that step you can easily create a Google Account. Google account is very important to us, because one Google account gives you to access  Gmail, YouTube, Google Plus, Blogger, Google Keep, Google Maps etc. log in. One user name and one password give you the permission for all the Google services. In the world of internet Google is the king of all. You can not use Android Phone with out Google Account. Beside Google service is safe and secure.

Watch This Video: 

First go to
You can find an option like sign in, click that option.
Go down you will find Create an Account option. Click there.
Now you will see form for Google Account. Just fill all the requirements.
First fill the name.
Choose the user name.
Now, create your password, put the same password for confirmation
Fill the date of birth and Gender.
Now write your phone no and current email address.
There is robot verification, you can skip that but phone verification may be required. Select your location and you must agree with Google Terms and Privacy policy. Now click next button.
Now verify your account. Select text message option and click continue.
One message will come to your phone after few minutes, just put that code. Then click on continue.
Now you will get the welcome message. That means your account is created.

How to create Smoky Glass Text Effect in Photoshop? Photoshop Tutorials

In this Photoshop Tutorial I will show step by step process to create Smoky Glass Text Effect in Photoshop. This tutorial is very simple and you can easily create realistic smoky glass text effect.

First go to Photoshop and open New with width 1280px height 720px and press OK.
Background color is Black and Foreground is White.  

Watch This Video Tutorial:

YouTube Channel: How To Tips Tutorials

Now select Type Tool and adjust the front, I am using here Grand Sport front with 253pt (size).
Type what you want, for me, I am typing here WFX and drag in to the middle.
Select Move tool, go to the layer and right click on WFX layer and select Rasterize Type. 


Now open smoke image file, which I downloaded before.
Select move tool, drag and drop in our final file.
Now select image layer and right click. Go to multiply option. Adjust little bit with move tool.
Open color balance shortcut is Ctrl+B, after adjust the color and press OK.
Now select WFX layer and off the image layer, select magic want tool and select the letters with shift selection.
Now on image layer visibility and also select the layer.
Go to Select option in the tool bar menu and select Inverse


Now go to layers and select Normal. Delete extra part of the image.
Press Ctrl+D for deselection and select Move Tool.
Go to Add Layer Style, and select Blending Options


First adjust outer glow then Bevel and emboss and set the selection whatever you see in the option window.


After settings press OK.
Now off the visibility of the image layer and and select WFX layer. Go to Layer Style Option, select Blending Options.
Select Gradient Overlay, then click on Gradient menu and adjust the Gradient value and press OK.


Click on Bevel and Emboss option with default value.
Now on the visibility of the image layer,
Now we will open another image file. Drag and drop with Move tool to our main file.  
Move down the new image layer and keep it before Background layer.
Now adjust the new image layer with Move Tool.
I have to scale the New Image Layer because it is larger that my main file, Hit Ctrl+T for scale tool. Adjust the New Image Layer.
Now change the Opacity of the New Image Layer according to your look and feel. 


After adjustment hit Enter button.
Smoky Glass Text effect is ready now.
In this Photoshop tutorial I used very simple process and I have tried to show you step by step. I have used some images for look and feel. The image source is given below.


Source Image Path:
Image 1

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How to download entire videos from YouTube playlist using IDM?

How to download all videos from YouTube playlist? Magical Tips

There are so many ways to download YouTube  videos, so many software pluggings, add ons for Firefox browser and chrome browse. But sometimes we fail to download the videos and the license problem for the YouTube  downloader software. So many tricks are there to use for download the YouTube  videos. Single video is not a problem to download from YouTube , but we are facing problems when we want to download the video play list.

Today I will show How to download all videos from YouTube  play list?

I think one of the easiest ways to download the YouTube  videos from playlists, and with this magical simple tips you can download single video also without using software also.

Let see to download all videos from YouTube  play list?

1.First go to YouTube
2. search what you want to download.
Suppose you want to download some Tutorials or music videos
For example. I want to download Photoshop Tutorials.
Click on the Channel.
Now click which play lists you want to download.
Go to play list.
Copy the whole address, because this address is the play list address.

Open new tab. Go to

There are different kinds of format, like MP4, 3GP, 720p, 360p, 240p, 144p, download which format you like.
After click download button one text will come. Now select the whole text and copy the text, and save it to a note pad.

Now open IDM Downloader
Go to Tasks-Import-From Text file.

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How to hide whats app images and video without using any app?


Why we should hide our Whats App images and videos?


In my opinion two important reasons are there. First privacy, we have many private things may be some images and videos, why should we share with others. Suppose in our family so many members are there, if you lock the folder with password, they will open the folder because they know your password and you can't ignore them directly. Same thing happened with our friend.

The second reason is security, now we send so many things through Whats app. Maybe there is personal documents or images or videos.
I think everything is not for everyone.

Now the question is how I hide what's app images and videos and other documents without using any software.

I will show you one of the easiest process.
First go to file manager and open it. There are Phone memory and external memory. What's app images and videos are defaultly save in phone memory.
Now go to phone memory and search what's app inages and videos folder.
Open phone memory and go to what's app folder and open it.
Now open media folder. See all the media files are there like images and videos folder.
Open images folder to see what's are there.
Now we will hide the images.
Step 1
Select what's app images folder.
Step 2
Go to 3 dot option, tap on it and you will find rename option. Select the option.

Step 3
Put a dot before the name. See what's app images folder is vanish, you can not find the images in the gallary also.
Because the folder is in hode mode. Before folder name dot is there that's why it can not be read.
In this way you can hide all the important folder and hide video folder in same way.

Now the question is how to open it and visible in gallery.
Step 4
Tap on 3dot, it will open option window.
Tap on show hidden files. Now you can see the what's app images folder.

Select the folder
Step 5
Go to rename option. Remane the folder. Just remove the dot and tap done option.
Now you can see the folder and images in the gallery also.
I think this is the very simple process to hide images and videos with folder.

Now I will show you another process with ES File explorer.

First install ES File explorer from play store if you don't have.
Download information is given below.
For me it is installed, that's why install option is not there, just install it.

Let's see how to hide what's app images and folder?Step 1
Step 2
You have to search the what's app, or manually open what's app folder.
Step 3
Open the what's app folder and you will find media folder.
Now open media folder. You will see images and video folder.
Suppose I want to hide what's app video folder.
Just open it. You will see all the videos file. Now we are going to hide this folder.
Step 4
Click on top right side corner 3 dot option.
You will see the option new.
Step 5
Tap on new option, in new menu there are two opinionss File and Folder.
Step 6
Tap on file option and open it.
Step 7
Now write .nomedia and tap ok. It will be create .nomedia file.
Step 8
Go to top left menu and tap on it. Go down you will see the option show hidden files. Just off the menu.

Now you can not see the .nomedia file. And your what's app video folder also vanish, means hide. Let's check once.
In this process you can hide pictures, songs, videos etc, any kind of media file you can hide.

Now we will learn how to see what's app video after created .nomedia file?
Step 1
Go to left top corner option. And open it.
Step 2
Now go to show hidden files, and on it. You can see the .nomedia file.
Step 3
Select no media file and delete it.
Go to gallay to see, it is there or not
No, video folder is not visible in gallary.
Then what we will do?
Just rename the folder.
Select what's app video folder, and rename it. For example I rename it 120.
Now go to the gallery and see.
Yea the video folder is visible.

I will show you one more trick.
How to hide what's app images not folder only single image.
Step 1
Go to what's app images folder, and select 1 image, what you want to hide.
Step 2
Go to right side top corner 3 dot option, open it.
Step 3
Select encrypt option.
It will ask for password. Just set it. Then press ok.
Now the image is locked. No one can open it without password.
One more thing no thumbnail will be there. If you want to see the image, then put the password.

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How to Track Lost Device with Android Device Manager

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How To Track or locate Your Lost or stolen Android Phone Without Tracking App?

How To Track or locate Your Lost or stolen Android Phone Without Tracking App?

Find Your Lost Android Phone online Without Installing Any App.


We always worried about the things if I lost the mobile how I will get it. Because so many important documents are there like private images, office documents, log in details of different accounts like Gmail, Facebook, Whats up etc. Some one can misuse it. So we have to safe our mobile. Mobile is the very important part of our life. Now we can’t live without it. We are habituated with this. So I will show you How to Track Lost or Stolen Device with Android Device Manager?

How to settings of Android Device Manager for your mobile?

First go to Google settings.
Then search for Security option. Just Tap on it.
Now you can find Android Device Manager.
If you can not see the Android Device Manager, then go for here and install it first.
Remotely locate this device.
And allow remote lock and erase.
Always tick mark on Remotely locate this device option.

Remote lock and erase option:
It you on allow remote lock and erase option, you can see Android Device Manager.
You can find 3 more option like that.
1. Erase all data
2. Change the screen-unlock password
3. Lock the screen.

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How To Remotely Track Location of Lost Device?

You can do it from any computer browser, any smart phone or tablet, laptop etc.
Click here:

Sign in with same account of your lost Android mobile.
Now you can see your Android mobile location in Google Map if location is on.
you can ring the mobile. your device will ring at full volume for 5 minutes. Other option is Enable lock and Erase

Watch This Video: 20 most useful Android Secret Codes 2015 List

How you lock your Android Device?

you can lock your lost Android phone. just click on lock option.
New lock screen will come chnage the password. Don't use your Google Account password.
you can erase all the data like photos, apps, music and settings also. Just tap on Erase option. but remember one thing after delete the settings Android Device Manager will no longer work. It will happen only when the device is online. This option will only delete phone memory not work for sd card.
So you must install Android Device Manager in your Android Phone to protect from lost or stolen.

Search your lost or stolen smart mobile via other Smart Mobile:

Open your account from here.
Install this app first, and then log in as guest mode.

How to Tips Tutorials

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How to Free Up Space On Android: Magical Tips Tutorials

5 Simple Ways to Free Up Space On Android:


1. Uninstall Unused Applications
2. Upload your Photos or videos to Online Storage
3. Delete Unnecessary Files and Folders
4. Move Apps and Media Files to SD Card
5. Clear App Cache

Uninstall Unused Applications

First go for Google Settings.
Then search App option and tap on it.

Then select apps that you no longer use on your Android phone or tablet. Now uninstalling the apps, it will free up some space and increase your phone performance.

Note: Don't forget to read this
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Upload your Photos or videos to Online Storage.

You can use Media fire, Google Photos, Drop box, Google drive apps etc. For example I am using here Google Photos apps. It will free some space on your android mobile. Upload your photos to online storage, it is safe also and share from there easily.

Delete Unnecessary Files and Folders 

Open File Manager and select unnecessary files and folder.  Delete the selected files.  

Move Apps and Media Files to SD Card

Then go for App option and tap on it. Now move the apps to SD card. You can use third party apps for doing this like Ccleaner, 360security, Optimizer plus etc. It will help you to increase your android phone memory. 

Clear App Cache

For example I am using two apps (Optimizer plus & Ccleaner) there are so many apps in the Google Play store, you can download and use. I think it is very useful for your android mobile for Clear App Cache and it is increase phone memory and ram also. It will also delete Browsing history and cache from Google search, browser, Gmail and whats app etc.

Use all the 5 Simple tips to Free Up Space On Android

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20 useful Android Secret Codes 2015 List

Android -Secret-Codes-2015-List

Android Secret Codes 2015 List

Are you Android phone user?

20 Secret codes that every Android-smartphone user should know. Android is one of the most popular operating system for smart phones ever. Android operating system is the most widely used in the world. In the world of smartphones, Android-based phones are widely used worldwide mobile phone.
Android users are increasing day by day in the smartphone.

Developers have created a different kind of backdoor in the range of applications and operating systems. Android Developers also creates a lot of backdoor, through which you can log in and you can change the settings. I give you a list of android secret code, which is very useful for you. Android, the operating system is very easy to learn for non technical persons. These all Android code applicable to any smartphone of any brand such as Samsung, Motorola, HTC, Micromax, Karbon, Lava, Panasonic, Huawei, etc.

Note: Enter these secret android codes at your own risk

Code No 1
For Software and Hardware Info dial

Code No 2
know Battery Status

Code No 3
Create backup to all your media files.
Opens file copy screen where you can backup your media files like images, videos and audios.

Code No 4
Information about mobile camera

Code No 5
Phone basic information and Phone usage detail

Code No 6
Factory restore setting
Clear all application and data.
Remove Google account setting

Code No 7
IMEI number

Code No 8
Resetting the Phone

Code No 9
Test for touch screen

Code No 10
Service menu on devices like Galaxy S3

Code No 11
Instant backup media files

Code No 12
Test for Wireless LAN

Code No 13
Touch screen Test

Code No 14
Resetting data to default settings

Code No 15
device turn off

Code No 16
GPS test

Code No 17
Test LCD screen

Code No 18
Audio test

Code No 19
Proximity sensor Test

Code No 20
Bluetooth test

There so many code like that. I am only share 20 most important secret codes. 

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