Find all hidden email address from Facebook friends

How to find hidden email address  from Facebook friends?

Sometimes we need an email address from our Facebook friends, but the problem is they are hiding their email id in Facebook. That’s why the email is not visible. For their safety purpose and unwanted disturbance they have hidden their email. But you want the email. Then what to do?

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Get friends hidden email address from Facebook:

Today I will share a tip and you can easily get your friend email address from Facebook.
Let start
First you have a Yahoo email id. If you don’t have, create a Yahoo email id.
Log in your Yahoo email
In another tab log in Facebook
After Yahoo log in, go to Contact option

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Then go to “Import Contacts” and click on the Facebook icon
Then a pop up window will come and allow it.
"Do you want to share your contacts with yahoo?
Click ok
Find hidden email id from Facebook friends

Now you can get all the contacts email id from Facebook.
I think it is a very simple option to do it.