How to remove Autorun virus within 10 second


Delete Autorun virus from flash drive:

Yesterday I faced a problem in my computer. Autorun virus attacked in my computer. Every drive there is autorun virus. But I am not worried about it. I can easily remove it from computer.
We all know about the autorun virus. It’s a harmful virus. I will show the process how I removed it. It’s a very easy process.

Step one:
Go to Start option > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services > Shell Hardware Detection (double click) > Start up type > Disabled > Apply > Ok

Now restart the computer and your computer is safe now.

Step two:
Go to start
Then Run option
Type gpedit.msc
Computer configuration [double click]
Administrative templates [double click]
System [double click]
Turn off autoplay [double click]
Enable all drives and ok

Now same like that
User configuration [double click]
Administrative templates [double click]
System [double click]
Turn off autoplay [double click]
Enable all drives and ok


Now your computer totally safe from Autorun virus

“Member Not Found” problem of KMPlayer?

How to solve “Member Not Found” problem of KMPlayer?

We all love KMplayer for its features and outstanding outlook. No doubt about its performance. It can play all types of video format easily. It is also user friendly. But the problem is sometimes it shows “Member Not Found”. This is a very big problem. Sometimes we uninstall the software and install the software again but the problem comes again. Then what to do? No problem you will solve the problem very easily.

“Member Not Found” problem of KMPlayer picture

Now Fix "Member Not Found" error

Just download the Adobe flash Player ActiveX
Direct download click here
After download, install the Adobe flash Player ActiveX
I think your problem will be solved.

Now open KMPlayer and enjoy it.

How to send 100mb file through email?

Send100 MB file through email

 Now attach 100 MB file with Email:

Now you can send 100mb file through email easily. You can send to your friends or Facebook friends.
I think is very useful for anybody. Sometimes we want to send a file to our friend if it is a small file there is no problem but when it is a big file, then we have to think about it.
Many of us are using gmail and yahoo email, but we can't send a big file.  
Today I will show you how to send.
There are two options to send a big file
First you can use Facebook application and the second one is online website

Send the file through a Facebook application:
First log into your Facebook account. Then go to send files option
If you want to send your Facebook friend, then select your friend's name from the list of the right side. You can send the file maximum 10 friends in one time. If you want to send an email to your friends email id then select email id
Then select choose File option.
Select your file from your computer or where ever it is. Write a message and send the email.
After sending your friend will get a notification and a download link. From the download link anyone can easily download the file.

Send the file through GoAruna Website:

First go to
You can create your account or you can directly send the email. Settings like that. It is very easy to use.

send 100 MB file through email