How to add beautiful social sharing widget for blogger post?

Add floating beautiful social sharing widget for Blogger:

Today I will share with you a beautiful social sharing widget. This is very beautiful and attractive, also so simple. I have also used in my blog also. If you like it then tries it once. The widget is like that-


 If you like it then I told you how to apply in your blog. It's very simple.

1. Now log in your Blogger Blog


2. Then go to Blogger Dashboard - Template - Edit HTML


3. Press Ctrl+f for search

4. Then find out </body>

5. Now paste the code before it from below:

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<!--sharethis official floating social sharing widget....-->
<script type='text/javascript'>var switchTo5x=true;</script>
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>
var options={ &quot;publisher&quot;: &quot;074821ed-063e-4ae5-bad9-3e26ecf249f3&quot;, &quot;position&quot;: &quot;left&quot;, &quot;ad&quot;: { &quot;visible&quot;: true, &quot;openDelay&quot;: 5, &quot;closeDelay&quot;: 0}, &quot;chicklets&quot;: { &quot;items&quot;: [&quot;facebook&quot;, &quot;googleplus&quot;, &quot;twitter&quot;, &quot;linkedin&quot;, &quot;email&quot;, &quot;pinterest&quot;]}};
var st_hover_widget = new sharethis.widgets.hoverbuttons(options);

The first and the last line will work only for your post widget. If you want to show your widget in your home page also then you have to remove the first and the last yellow mark line. I think everybody like to show the widget in every post. Then leave it. Just copy and paste the code.  

6. Save the template. Now see your blog

How to apply Google Adsense from blogger?

Applying process of Google Adsense from blogger:

Some years ago you can get Google Adsense account easily, but it is now a golden deer, you cannot get easily Google Adsense. First you have a website or blog site. You have to put five menus in your website and every menu have 7-8 article, which is also unique post. Not a copy paste contains. If you have a blog site then you have to apply from inside from your blog. Now I will show you how to apply Google Adsense from blogger and earn money from Google Adsense?

  1. First log in your website or blogger blog
    google adsense picture
Then go to post list icon and select Earnings option

apply google adsense picture
  1. Click Switch  Adsense Account
Image 3
google adsense image

  1. Now click on Create a new Adsense Account tab and Create an account
Image 4
google adsense picture 01

Image 5
google adsense picture 02

  1. Account type: Individual
  2. Country or territory : India [ or your country]
Image 6
google adsense picture 03

  1. Add  Your Contact Information properly and Payee name also, but remember that Payee name must be matched with bank account name. If you have not any bank account then no need to add. Create tour account now and after that you will add your bank information.
Google sends you a letter for verification. That’s why you have to put your original address.

 Image 7
google adsense picture 04

At least put your mobile no and all the option of Policies tic yes.
Now submit information.
Please check all the information which you submitted once again before continue. If you want to edit information then you have to go Edit Account Information. If you dont want to edit then continue.

With in 1day to I week you get a message for Google Adsense. Then within one month Confirmation Email will come.