How to open programs using keyboard shortcuts?

Create a keyboard shortcut for opening program:

We are all love to work with keyboard shortcuts. It is very time saving and also effortless. You can easily create a keyboard shortcut of your program. If you create shortcut then no need to keep shortcut on your desktop and your desktop will be beautiful and clean.
Let start the work
Suppose you want to open the notepad by shortcut
Go to program files and right click on the notepad

Open programs using keyboard shortcuts

Go to properties option
Open programs using keyboard shortcuts01

Go to shortcut tab >> then shortcut key option
Suppose you want to create shortcut for notepad, for me I am taking “n” for shortcut
Just hit n button in the shortcut tab it will take [Ctrl+Alt+N] automatically.
Your work is done now.
Just press ok and save it.
Now hit Ctrl+Alt+N
See your notepad will be open.