How to create stone text effect in photoshop? Tutorial

Simple process of stone text effect in Photoshop:

stone text effect in photoshop
When we work in Photoshop sometimes we needed text effect like stone. Today I will share the idea how to create stone text effect in Photoshop. It is very simple and easy way to do it. I did it in Photoshop cs5. You can take any version of Photoshop.

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Let start the work.
First open your Photoshop
Then you have to download stone texture from internet and you can also create manually stone effect. If you download the image; you can save your time.
Image stone
stone text effect in photoshop_01 picture

Take a new file
Settings like that
Width 1380 pixels
Height 720 pixels
Resolution 300
Image 1
stone text effect in photoshop_02

Then press OK
Then open stone texture file
Select Move tool and drag the stone texture image on your new file
 Hit Ctrl+t for Transform tool and adjust the texture with new layer
Image 2
stone text effect in photoshop_03

Hit Enter
Then select the Type Tool and Type Stone
Settings like that
For me I take Impact Regular front
And front size I take more than 100 pt
Image 3
stone text effect in photoshop_04

Select stone layer goes to Rasterize option
Image 4
stone text effect in photoshop_05

Double click on stone layer and go to Layer style option
 Select bevel emboss option
Settings like that
Image 5
stone text effect in photoshop_06

Then select Drop Shadow option
Settings like that
Image 6
stone text effect in photoshop_07

Press OK
Change the mode Normal to Overlay
Image 7
stone text effect in photoshop_08

stone text effect in photoshop_09

Image 8
Now we create some shadow effect for a realistic look
Open branches image
branches image

Drag and drop
Adjust it and Multiply with the layer
Image 9
stone text effect-01

Now we adjust the branches layer, Go to Filter- Blur – Gaussian Blur option and the
stone text effect-02

Value is 4.2
Image 11
stone text effect-04

Your stone text effect is ready.
stone text effect final

If you face any kind of problem see the Video Tutorial