Photoshop Tutorial - How to create plastic text effect in Photoshop?

Easy way to create plastic text effect in Photoshop:

plastic text effect in Photoshop final image

When we work in Photoshop sometimes we needed different kind of text effect. Today I will show you plastic type text effect in Photoshop.

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First open your Photoshop
And take new page according to your requirements
For me, width 1380 and height 720
Resolution 300
Now double click on Layer 0 you can rename also if you want, just double click on it and unlock the layer
Now select the Type tool and type anything which you want
For me type “rain” and take red color
Image 1
plastic text effect-01

Select Rain layer and right click on it and go to Rasterize option
plastic text effect-02

Then double click on the layer and go to Layer Style option box
Setting like image 3 and 4
plastic text effect-03

plastic text effect-04

Hold Alt+ctrl side arrow and sometimes change down arrow
I hit up and down arrow key almost 16 times
Now select all the copy layers and merge
Image 5
plastic text effect-05

We are almost done
Now we are creating a reflection layer on the ground
Just duplicate the layer
Hit ctrl+t  and drag down to the bottom
After that hit Enter
Then settings like that image 6
plastic text effect-06

plastic text effect picture