How to change mp3 songs album picture?

change a picture of your mp3 songs picture

How to add or change mp3 songs album picture?

Hello friends, how are you? I hope fine. Today I will share a trick, it is very interesting. We all listen mp3 songs. When we played the song at that time we see images in the player. Like windows media player. Sometimes images are from the album images or logo, or where are you downloading from?

Sometimes we don’t like the images and we think it will be like that. So I will share the tricks.
I will change the picture through the windows media player. This trick is only for XP users.
Play your windows media player.
I am playing an mp3 file. It is a Bengali mp3 about the Rabinnath Tagore song and there is an image from the album. I want to change the image.
Image 1
change a picture of your mp3 songs_01

Go to media player play list and select the song. Right click on the song, go to Advanced tag editor
Image 2
change a picture of your mp3 songs_02

Now a pop up window will come. You can edit many things here.
I will give you some information
Image 3
change a picture of your mp3 songs_03

Track info: here you can write about the song details
Title: you can write the title of the song.
Genre: here you can type what kind of song like – hip-hop, metal,
Subtitle: you can add subtitle
Mood: you can add the mood of the song
Track number: you can add the number of the song in the album
Beats per minute: add the beats of the song
Key: any kind of features of the song you can add
Language: put the details of the song language
 There are so many options you can add
Now go to Picture tab and delete the most recent image.
Image 4
change a picture of your mp3 songs_04

Select the add button and browse the image which you like.
Then go for picture Type option, you must have to select this option. If you don’t select this option picture will not come while you play the song.
Image 5
change a picture of your mp3 songs_06

Press OK button and restart the player again.