Maya Work Area control with shortcut keys- Maya Tutorial

How to control Maya Work Area with shortcut keys?

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There are so many shortcuts in Maya. If you want to work quickly you have to remember the shortcut. In the 2nd class I discussed about some shortcut. Please remember the shortcuts. Today I will explain about the work area in the Maya view port. It is one of the important parts of Maya.
Maya Tutorial 01

So carefully learn it.
First open your Maya 2011
Now create a sphere
Go to main menu bar Create – Polygon Primitives – Sphere
Image 1
Maya Tutorial 02

Just drag the mouse with holding left mouse button in the work area over the grid. Drag the mouse as per your requirements.
Image 2
Maya Tutorial 03

The sphere is in green color that means it is in the selected mode.
Now we will try to control the work area with the key.

Alt + Left Mouse Button = Rotate the Object according to the grid
In this option the grid also rotates with the object.
Hold Alt and Left mouse button also it will change the mouse cursor like circle and drag the mouse in the view port. It will rotate the view port. Remember one thing always hold the Alt button then drag.

The next option is
Alt + Right Mouse Button = Zoom in and Zoom out View port with the object.
The mouse cursor is changed into like arrow symbol. Just hold Alt button and also hold Right mouse button and drag the mouse.

Only Middle mouse button = Zoom in and Zoom out View port with the object
This is work same just scroll the middle mouse button.

Alt + Middle mouse button = Move the object with the grid.
When you will use this option the mouse cursor will change it to like plus symbol.
You can move the object with the grid.
More Shortcuts:
Press F = it adjusts the object according to the work area
            Suppose you cannot find the object. Just press F; it will come closer to you like zoom in.
Press Z = Undo your work
Press Shift + Z = Redo your work
Ctrl + C = Copy
Ctrl+ D = Paste
Practice it again and again because it is the most important part of my class. Wish you all the best.
OK next class I will explain about how to control an object in view port?

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