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Maya Tutorial: create Maya fog lighting

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How to create Maya fog lighting in 2011 and how to add texture in fog color? This is a basic fog tutorial. I think it will help you. In this tutorial I explain how to add color and how to adjust the fog.

Maya fog lighting tutorial

Step by step
First take a plane and sphere then adjust the both.
Then create a spot light.
Adjust the light according to you requirements.
Maya fog lighting tutorial 01
Image 1
Select the light and go to the light attribute editor or press Ctrl+A
Adjust the light settings
Maya fog lighting tutorial 03
Image 2
Then go to light fog Attribute. There is a color tab and the last of the tab there is a checker box, click on the box and take the cloud texture because of the fog is looking nice and realistic.
Maya fog lighting tutorial 04
Image 3
You can also adjust the color of the fog.
Render and see the out put. Change the value of the settings as per your requirements for looking realistic fog.
For more details see the video tutorial. I think it will help you better for understanding.

Download the seen file for practice. Just skip the add and download the file.