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Maya Tutorial- Maya view port control:

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Today we will learn about Maya view port control. That is how to control Maya window?
If you learn this carefully it will help you too much. This is the most important part of Maya software. This is not an easy job. But don’t worry. I will show you step by step. One thing remembers you have to practice again and again. Then you can understand.

So let start
Look at the image first.
Maya view port control
Image 1
In the first lesson we learn about Maya interface. Please remember that once.
First go to Maya Main menu bar. There is a option create, click on that and go to another option   like
Create – Polygon Primitives – Sphere
Maya view port control 01
Image 2
Now drag the mouse on the grid with holding Left mouse button.
Like that
Maya view port control 03
Image 3
It is now in green color ware frame mode. Always remember one thing; Green color is indicating that the object is in selected mode.

Some shortcut for all of you
Press numeric 5 – for mesh mode
Press numeric 4 – for ware frame mode
Press numeric 3-  for smooth mode
Press numeric 2- sudiv display smoothness
Press numeric 1- for smothless
Press numeric 6- for texture mode
Press numeric 7 – lighting mode
Press numeric 8 – paint effect mode
Please all the shortcuts keep in your mind.
Let go for a practice with this shortcuts

Last we are created a Sphere, just delete the object. Shortcut is Delete button.
Now go for main menu and take Cube
Create – Polygon Primitives – Cube
Hold left mouse button and drag over the grid that is looking like net.
Like that
Maya view port control 04
Image 4
Now apply the shortcuts with the cube and let see what happened.
First select the object Cube, it comes in to green color when you select.
Now apply the shortcuts
Press 5 it will come into mesh mode
Maya view port control image
Image 5
Press 3 it will come in smooth mode
Maya view port control image 01
Image 6
Press 1 it will come in Normal mode
Just try yourself now. If you faced any problem you can email me.
Next class is – How to control the object?

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