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Gold Text Effect in Photoshop
Photoshop Tutorials-Gold Text Effect

First take a background image for the text. You can take any kind of image which you like. This is your won creativity. I take a black background for this.
Image 1
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Press [t] for type the text and take stylish front. It looks very good. Choose dark black for the text. Here I write [Here I am].
Image 2
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Just double click on text layer it will open Layer style window.
Set the value like image 3. click on drop shadow. Then set the value.
Image 3
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Then go for Outer Glow layer. Put the value like image 4
Image 4
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Next Inner Glow set the value like image 5
Image 5
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Then go for Bevel and Emboss
Image 6
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Next click on Contour and set the Range value 50 and contour is Anti aliased is on like that  image 7
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Color overlay
Image 8
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First stage is completed
The next is coming
Duplicate the layer just double click on the text layer and go to duplicate layer.

Image 9
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Photoshop Tutorials-gold effect

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