How to save webpage as pdf?

Save the web page as a PDF file within one click no need to take a screenshot.
Sometimes we have to save webpage as pdf for our requirements. That time we use keyboard to take a print screen. But the problem is that we cannot save the whole page and the file is saved as a Jepg image format. If you save the page as web format it needs internet connection when you open the file. So it’s a great problem.
Sometimes we use different kinds of software to take for screen shots. So you have to install software for taking a screenshot.
So the whole process is very irritating and long.
I will show you a one of the easiest way to convert webpage to pdf format within one click. The advantage is that no need to install any kind of software for a screenshot. You can see the file without internet connection when you are offline.
This option will work in Firefox Browser. If you are a Firefox user then it will very useful.

How to do?
First open your Firefox browser and install the add-ons. Very small file and it will take very few seconds to install.
    Save as PDF 1.5  click on this file.
Take a look at the image below
save webpage as pdf

Click on Add to Firefox
It will take few second and another window will come like that
how to save webpage as pdf

Then click on Install Now
At last restart the Firefox and it will come on the left side of the browser.
html to pdf

How to save the page?
Just click on the icon, it will save the page as PDF format.

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Gold Text Effect - Photoshop Tutorials

Gold Text Effect in Photoshop
Photoshop Tutorials-Gold Text Effect

First take a background image for the text. You can take any kind of image which you like. This is your won creativity. I take a black background for this.
Image 1
Photoshop Tutorials

Press [t] for type the text and take stylish front. It looks very good. Choose dark black for the text. Here I write [Here I am].
Image 2
Photoshop Tutorial

Just double click on text layer it will open Layer style window.
Set the value like image 3. click on drop shadow. Then set the value.
Image 3
Photoshop Tutorial free

Then go for Outer Glow layer. Put the value like image 4
Image 4
free Photoshop Tutorials

Next Inner Glow set the value like image 5
Image 5
Photoshop Tutorials online

Then go for Bevel and Emboss
Image 6
online Photoshop Tutorials

Next click on Contour and set the Range value 50 and contour is Anti aliased is on like that  image 7
Photoshop Tutorials free

Color overlay
Image 8
Photoshop Tutorials effect

First stage is completed
The next is coming
Duplicate the layer just double click on the text layer and go to duplicate layer.

Image 9
effects Photoshop Tutorials
Photoshop Tutorials 01

Photoshop Tutorials 02

Photoshop Tutorials 03

Photoshop Tutorials 04

Photoshop Tutorials-gold effect

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