What is portable software?

What is portable software?

Now a days we are using portable software but we don’t know that what is portable software? What is the difference between the software and portable software?  Many of us don’t know that how to use the portable software. Most of the new users face the problem of portable software.
Basically we use setup software which creates an installation file in the c drive program file. And also create some settings files in My Document and create some registry file in Windows Registry.
When we start the setup software it takes the file information from those files every time.
And also takes some memory from Hard disk and RAM.
If you copy the file from C drive it will not work because of the registry file.

Let see what is portable software?

Portable software is no need to setup. Go to your portable software and find the .exe file, double click on it. It will be run. Portable software doesn’t create any shortcut in Desktop or Start menu. And there is not any problem of installation.

Which is better portable or setup software?

  I think portable software is better than setup software.
1. Portable software doesn’t take any memory in C Drive.
2. It runs very easily.
3. Just double click on .exe of which software wants to run.
4. You can start it directly from a pen drive.
5. You can carry it in your pen drive.
6. The size of the portable software is less than setup software.
7. No need to serial number, registration.
8. Just create a desktop shortcut and double click on it. But never delete any file from portable software.
9. Once you create a shortcut on the desktop then never move the original file. Because shortcut takes the path from the original files.
10. It never slows your computer.

But one think remember that if you want to use plunging then you have to browse the plunging manually for Portable software. This is only the problem.