How to protect computer from Autorun.inf Virus?

We are all using data card, music mp3 player, pen drive etc. All these things always help us. It’s carrying lots of data. Its also help us to transferring data from one computer to another computer. In one word it helps us a lot. But sometimes it brings lots of viruses from the computer like Trojan, spyware, and Malwares. One of the dangerous viruses is autorun.inf virus. Mostly bad virus. Its create lots of viruses in your computer. I will show you a tip. I think it will help you. It can not delete the virus but stop to coming this type of virus.

Protect computer or USB from Autorun.inf Virus

Autorun is created in a small command. Autorun is automatically boot in our computer and automatically insert into the computer.
How to stop automatic boot?
Go to start – run - type [gpedit.msc] – OK
Image 1

Group Policy window will come
Go to Administrative Templates and then System – Double click on it.
Image 2
Autorun.inf  01

Then go to Turn off Auto play – double click on it
Image 3
Autorun.inf 02

Then go to setting Tab – Enable – all drives – ok
Image 4
Autorun.inf  03

Close the option box.
It can not delete autorun.inf but prevent your computer from autorun.inf.