How to Install windows XP with in 10 minutes?

Install windows XP with in 10 minutes:

    Some people who are often installed Windows XP. It's taking too much time about 40 minutes. I think some people know the tip, but I will share the tip for them who don’t know. I think they will be happy with the tip. They can save their valuable time. If you use my tip, you can install windows XP within 10 minutes.

Install windows XP with in 10 minutes

Start your 10-minute journey now
Insert your bootable windows XP CD in your computer.
Now boot the CD
Its loading the files. After that select partition option.
Select your drive now, where you want to install windows XP.
Now format the partition using NTFS or FAT
After formatting windows start installing automatically. Its copy the file.
When the copying is completed restart the system.

Now see the 10-minute tip

Now your system will open with boot screen. There is a command it is taking 40 minutes to install XP
Press Shift + F10 from the keyboard
Now you see command window
Write here [Taskmgr] and press enter
Task Manager Windows will come
Go to the Processes tab
Now find setup.exe file
Right click on setup.exe
Go to Set Priority
Now select High or Above normal

Now see what happened.  Wish you all the best.