How to use pendrive as virtual RAM?

use pendrive as virtual RAM

Nowadays we all are depending on the computer. Without computer we cannot walk a single step. In a computer there is a RAM. You can compare it with your heart. It works like that. RAM is one of the most important things on a computer. A computer cannot be faster without RAM. The price of RAM is also costly.  
Think you have 4GB pen drive. You can you use it as a RAM in your computer. I will show you how to use a pen drive as a RAM.
First install the driver for pen drive. It is nothing but just insert your pen drive to your computer it automatically install driver.

Use your pen drive as a RAM:

Go to My Computer, right click on it. Go to properties
Or go to start- My Computer- right click- Properties like image 1

use pendrive as virtual RAM
Image 1
Now system Properties window will come
Go to Advance Tab
use pendrive as RAM
Image 2
Then go to Performance – Settings – click here
Image 3
use your pendrive as virtual RAM

Performance option window will come. Go to Advance
Go to Virtual memory – Change – click here
Virtual memory window will come

use pendrive as RAM
Image 4
Now select USB pen drive [here my pen drive name is MINAKHI]

pendrive as virtual RAM
Image 5
After selecting pen drive go to [custom size]
Put the value in the first box 1020 and the second box is 3500 [if you use 4GB pen drive]
Then press ok.
Restart the system.