How to make money from blogger?

make money from blogger

Some facts of your everyday life or some incident of your life or write something about a topic and share your ideas or experiences through the internet, called blogging. Where you share that is called blog and you are the blogger. There are so many famous blogsite like , ,, etc.
You can express your ideas here. Your subject maybe life, literature, politics, internet ctc. Suppose you know a software very well, then you can write something about the software and share in the websites. There are lots of subjects you can write. Sometimes we faced some problem then we search in the  internet about that topic and same result of a solution but it is free of cost. This service is called blogging. In one word blogging help us a lot. We can help each other through the internet or blogging.

I will give you a very simple example about blogging. Suppose you want to send an SMS to your friend for his birthday. But you have not a collection of birthday sms. Then what to do? Go to google search, type birthday sms. Then you get lots of sites for birthday sms. Go to any of these sites take an sms and send to it to your friend without cost. This is called blogging.

Take blogging as your part time job
As a fresher you can take the blogging as a job. You can earn money from google Adsense. It’s a very good job. You work here as part-time. As a successful blogger you can earn money. To compare with other job it is very easy. Always share your ideas, problems, solutions through the internet and earn money.

 How to start?
There is no investment. It is totally free. As a fresher you can start from Just create a profile and start blogging. It's very easy. Take it as a business and give time two to four hours when you get time.

To know more about it you can search on the There is a lot of information about it. Read carefully and start your job.