How to disable auto play?

Sometimes we faced some problems in computer. That is like auto play. When inserting some kind of CD or DVD in CD/DVD drive it is automatically played. It also happened when we insert a pen drive in the computer. It is a problem because if there is a virus in the CD/DVD or pen drive or any kind of removable disk [mobiles, mp4 players, and mp3 players] it will be inserted virus into our computer.
How to stop auto play?
Go to Start menu then go to run and type gpedit.msc
Image 1
disable auto play

Then go to Computer configuration
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How to disable auto play

Click on Administrative Templates double click on it.
Image 3
How to disable auto play 01

Group Policy window will come
Image 4

Double click on System go to Turn off Autoplay, double click
Image 5
How to disable auto play 02

Click on [Enable] option and also select [All Drives] then press ok
Image 6
disable auto play 01

Why you use this option on your computer?

In one word you protect your computer from virus. The pen drive is one of the best mediums to insert a virus into the computer. So use this tip and safe your computer.