How to disable auto play?

Sometimes we faced some problems in computer. That is like auto play. When inserting some kind of CD or DVD in CD/DVD drive it is automatically played. It also happened when we insert a pen drive in the computer. It is a problem because if there is a virus in the CD/DVD or pen drive or any kind of removable disk [mobiles, mp4 players, and mp3 players] it will be inserted virus into our computer.
How to stop auto play?
Go to Start menu then go to run and type gpedit.msc
Image 1
disable auto play

Then go to Computer configuration
Image 2
How to disable auto play

Click on Administrative Templates double click on it.
Image 3
How to disable auto play 01

Group Policy window will come
Image 4

Double click on System go to Turn off Autoplay, double click
Image 5
How to disable auto play 02

Click on [Enable] option and also select [All Drives] then press ok
Image 6
disable auto play 01

Why you use this option on your computer?

In one word you protect your computer from virus. The pen drive is one of the best mediums to insert a virus into the computer. So use this tip and safe your computer.

How to make money from blogger?

make money from blogger

Some facts of your everyday life or some incident of your life or write something about a topic and share your ideas or experiences through the internet, called blogging. Where you share that is called blog and you are the blogger. There are so many famous blogsite like , ,, etc.
You can express your ideas here. Your subject maybe life, literature, politics, internet ctc. Suppose you know a software very well, then you can write something about the software and share in the websites. There are lots of subjects you can write. Sometimes we faced some problem then we search in the  internet about that topic and same result of a solution but it is free of cost. This service is called blogging. In one word blogging help us a lot. We can help each other through the internet or blogging.

I will give you a very simple example about blogging. Suppose you want to send an SMS to your friend for his birthday. But you have not a collection of birthday sms. Then what to do? Go to google search, type birthday sms. Then you get lots of sites for birthday sms. Go to any of these sites take an sms and send to it to your friend without cost. This is called blogging.

Take blogging as your part time job
As a fresher you can take the blogging as a job. You can earn money from google Adsense. It’s a very good job. You work here as part-time. As a successful blogger you can earn money. To compare with other job it is very easy. Always share your ideas, problems, solutions through the internet and earn money.

 How to start?
There is no investment. It is totally free. As a fresher you can start from Just create a profile and start blogging. It's very easy. Take it as a business and give time two to four hours when you get time.

To know more about it you can search on the There is a lot of information about it. Read carefully and start your job.

How to use pendrive as virtual RAM?

use pendrive as virtual RAM

Nowadays we all are depending on the computer. Without computer we cannot walk a single step. In a computer there is a RAM. You can compare it with your heart. It works like that. RAM is one of the most important things on a computer. A computer cannot be faster without RAM. The price of RAM is also costly.  
Think you have 4GB pen drive. You can you use it as a RAM in your computer. I will show you how to use a pen drive as a RAM.
First install the driver for pen drive. It is nothing but just insert your pen drive to your computer it automatically install driver.

Use your pen drive as a RAM:

Go to My Computer, right click on it. Go to properties
Or go to start- My Computer- right click- Properties like image 1

use pendrive as virtual RAM
Image 1
Now system Properties window will come
Go to Advance Tab
use pendrive as RAM
Image 2
Then go to Performance – Settings – click here
Image 3
use your pendrive as virtual RAM

Performance option window will come. Go to Advance
Go to Virtual memory – Change – click here
Virtual memory window will come

use pendrive as RAM
Image 4
Now select USB pen drive [here my pen drive name is MINAKHI]

pendrive as virtual RAM
Image 5
After selecting pen drive go to [custom size]
Put the value in the first box 1020 and the second box is 3500 [if you use 4GB pen drive]
Then press ok.
Restart the system.

How to extend the life of hard drive?

extend the life of  hard drive?
One of the most important parts in our computer is Hard Drive. Here we saved data which are very important to us. Hard Disk is too much costly. So we have to take care of it.

Extend the life of  hard drive:

  1. Don’t create partition more than 3/4, because it uses RAM for every partition.
  2. Avoid copy paste randomly, it also uses RAM and create pressure on Hard Disk.
  3. Avoid virus scans every time.
  4. Uninstall programs which are useless.
  5. Always use Disk cleanup and Disk Defragmenter
  6. If you use internet then clean history and recent file every day.
  7. For disk clean you can use CCleaner. Download from here.
  8. Disk Defragmenter arranges your file.
  9. Give the computer rest after 2 hours for 15 to 20 minutes.

How to lock a folder or file without any software?

lock a folder or file without any software

We keep our files and folder in our computer. We have some personal folders which we don’t want show anyone. We want to keep the folder hide from others. Then we use some kind of hiding software. But we are not happy with this because of license key, registration, complex function which we don’t understand. For this reason I will show you a tip. You never have to install software for hiding a file or folders.
There is no need to license key, no Registration problem. Just create a folder and hide everything with a password.

Lock a folder or file without any software:

  First download a just IKB notepad file.

Now create a folder in your computer drive and rename it [locker]
For example go to “E” drive create a New Folder, rename it {locker} like image 1
Image 1
lock a folder or file without any software

Now open the downloaded notepad file. In the note pad there is some text like image 2
Image 2
lock a folder or file without any software 01

Do nothing just find the word like [PASSWORD_GOES_HERE]
Image 3
lock a folder or file without any software 02

Now delete that words [PASSWORD_GOES_HERE] and put a password which you like.
Image 4
lock a folder or file without any software 03

For example I put the password [supravat] it is look like image 5
Image 5
lock a folder or file without any software 04

Now save the notepad in “locker” folder as [locker.bat]
Image 6
lock a folder or file without any software 07

The .bat file looks like that image 7
Image 7
lock a folder or file without any software 07

Double click on [locker.bat] file. It creates a file name as [private]
Now which file you want to keep hidden with password paste in the [private folder]
Double click on [locker.bat], it will open a screen like image 8
Image 8
lock a folder or file without any software 08

A message will come like [are you sure you want to lock folder(y/n)]
Write on the screen y and press Enter button.
Your private folder will hide now with your files.
If you want to see the folder then double click on the [locker.bat] file
It wants the password. Put the password and Enter
You can see your files.
Wish you all the best.

How to remove New Folder Virus from your computer?

Today I am telling you about a virus which is inserted in our computer. We have not any information about this virus. Most of the antivirus can not delete it. It creates lots of new folder in our virus. I will show you how to delete this New folder virus. This virus is also known as [ regsvr.exe or autorun.inf ]. Everybody knew as a New Folder virus.

Remove New Folder Virus from your computer:

It is found in the root of the pen drive or hard drive of your computer.  Sometimes you cannot find it because it is staying hidden or read only mode. So you cannot find it.
First go to My Computer – Tool – Folder Option – View tab
Image 1
 remove New Folder Virus

In view tab you find the option [hidden Files and Folder] on the [show hidden Files and folder]
Image 2
 remove New Folder Virus 01

And also off the option [Hide protected operating system files]
Image 3
 remove New Folder Virus 02

Now a warning message will come click yes
Go to start > search
Image 4
 remove New Folder Virus 04

Click all files and folder
Image 5
 remove New Folder Virus 05

Now you have to find autorun.inf, if you find this type of file then select all the files and right click on these files.
Go to properties and off the read only mode
Now open the file. Select all [ctrl+A] and delete everything. Save the file.
Again change the file in read only mood. Right click on the file and select read only.
Start – Run – msconfig –OK
 From this tab off the regsvr. Then ok.
After that exit without restart.
Go to Control panel – schedule task – clear all tasks
Go to start – Run – type [gpedit.msc] – ok
Then user configuration –Administrative templates – System. There is an option on the right side that is [prevent access to registry editing tools] double click on it and select disable
Now go to start – run – type [regedit] – OK
Go to edit – find menu- [regsvr.exe] delete all these type of files.
You also find the file like “ Explorer.exe regsvr.exe” but you only remove regsvr.exe file.
Go to Start – search – For Folders and Files. Delete the file like regsvr.exe and svchost.exe
At last restart the computer.

How to protect computer from Autorun.inf Virus?

We are all using data card, music mp3 player, pen drive etc. All these things always help us. It’s carrying lots of data. Its also help us to transferring data from one computer to another computer. In one word it helps us a lot. But sometimes it brings lots of viruses from the computer like Trojan, spyware, and Malwares. One of the dangerous viruses is autorun.inf virus. Mostly bad virus. Its create lots of viruses in your computer. I will show you a tip. I think it will help you. It can not delete the virus but stop to coming this type of virus.

Protect computer or USB from Autorun.inf Virus

Autorun is created in a small command. Autorun is automatically boot in our computer and automatically insert into the computer.
How to stop automatic boot?
Go to start – run - type [gpedit.msc] – OK
Image 1

Group Policy window will come
Go to Administrative Templates and then System – Double click on it.
Image 2
Autorun.inf  01

Then go to Turn off Auto play – double click on it
Image 3
Autorun.inf 02

Then go to setting Tab – Enable – all drives – ok
Image 4
Autorun.inf  03

Close the option box.
It can not delete autorun.inf but prevent your computer from autorun.inf.

What is portable software?

What is portable software?

What is portable software?

Now a days we are using portable software but we don’t know that what is portable software? What is the difference between the software and portable software?  Many of us don’t know that how to use the portable software. Most of the new users face the problem of portable software.
Basically we use setup software which creates an installation file in the c drive program file. And also create some settings files in My Document and create some registry file in Windows Registry.
When we start the setup software it takes the file information from those files every time.
And also takes some memory from Hard disk and RAM.
If you copy the file from C drive it will not work because of the registry file.

Let see what is portable software?

Portable software is no need to setup. Go to your portable software and find the .exe file, double click on it. It will be run. Portable software doesn’t create any shortcut in Desktop or Start menu. And there is not any problem of installation.

Which is better portable or setup software?

  I think portable software is better than setup software.
1. Portable software doesn’t take any memory in C Drive.
2. It runs very easily.
3. Just double click on .exe of which software wants to run.
4. You can start it directly from a pen drive.
5. You can carry it in your pen drive.
6. The size of the portable software is less than setup software.
7. No need to serial number, registration.
8. Just create a desktop shortcut and double click on it. But never delete any file from portable software.
9. Once you create a shortcut on the desktop then never move the original file. Because shortcut takes the path from the original files.
10. It never slows your computer.

But one think remember that if you want to use plunging then you have to browse the plunging manually for Portable software. This is only the problem. 

How to create windows XP customize installation disc?

 windows XP

Create windows XP customize installation disc:

Windows XP is one of the user-friendly software I have ever seen. But when we install Windows XP it takes too much time and we have to give the more different information.
Like serial key, time, user name, password etc. This is often annoying and time-consuming. If you have windows XP customize installation disc then you don’t give the information while install again and again. It will take the information from your windows XP customize the CD automatically. But first thing is that you have to create the windows XP customize CD.
I will show you the process how to create the windows XP customize installation disc.
You can create the windows XP customize the CD with this software.

First download this software. It is only 2.54 MB and also a Freeware. So there is not any problem with registration.
Download and install this software.
And also download .NET framework 2.0 SP1. Download link
After download install it, if you have already installed then no need.

Copy the Files from Windows XP CD into your computer drive. Create a folder, rename it and paste here. No matter it is XP SP1, SP2, 32bit or 64 bit home or professional edition. 
First run the software [nLite]. Select the language English, click next.
Image 1
windows XP customize installation disc

Browse the location of Windows XP from the computer.
Image 2
windows XP customize installation disc 01

Click Next, again Next

Select all in the task selection
Image 3
windows XP customize installation disc 03

If you want to integrate your service pack 3, then select and browse the path.
Image 4
windows XP customize installation disc 04

Now the message come [Integrated install has completed successfully] click ok
Image 5
windows XP customize installation disc 05

The option coming like that [Then select the service pack, hotfixes, ADD_ons and Update Packs]
Select next – next – next
Click ok

Image 6
windows XP customize installation disc 06

In component option box select all
Image 7
windows XP customize installation disc 07

Click next
An option box will come click No
Do the settings like image 8
Image 8
windows XP customize installation disc 08

Next and put your name, organization name etc.
In the Tweaks option box select all
Image 9

[Do you want to start the process?] Click yes
Image 10
windows XP customize installation disc 09

Now wait for a few minutes.
Image 11
windows XP customize installation disc 10

If you want to write in CD directly then select burn directly
Image 12
windows XP customize installation disc 13

An option box will come click ok
It is write in the CD
windows XP customize installation disc 14

Al last finished your work.
Thanking you, wish you all the best.

How to Install windows XP with in 10 minutes?

Install windows XP with in 10 minutes:

    Some people who are often installed Windows XP. It's taking too much time about 40 minutes. I think some people know the tip, but I will share the tip for them who don’t know. I think they will be happy with the tip. They can save their valuable time. If you use my tip, you can install windows XP within 10 minutes.

Install windows XP with in 10 minutes

Start your 10-minute journey now
Insert your bootable windows XP CD in your computer.
Now boot the CD
Its loading the files. After that select partition option.
Select your drive now, where you want to install windows XP.
Now format the partition using NTFS or FAT
After formatting windows start installing automatically. Its copy the file.
When the copying is completed restart the system.

Now see the 10-minute tip

Now your system will open with boot screen. There is a command it is taking 40 minutes to install XP
Press Shift + F10 from the keyboard
Now you see command window
Write here [Taskmgr] and press enter
Task Manager Windows will come
Go to the Processes tab
Now find setup.exe file
Right click on setup.exe
Go to Set Priority
Now select High or Above normal

Now see what happened.  Wish you all the best.

How to open your computer quickly with run command?

How to open your computer quickly with run command?

We all love our computer but when it is taking time to open then how would you feel?
I think you don’t like it. Every thing is very fast in this world. Your computer must be fast.
I will show you the way how you open quickly. It totally depends how many programs run on your system.

run command
Now start the process
Go to start – Run
In the run option box type [msconfig] then press enter
Image 1
open computer with run command

System configuration utility option box will open
Image 2
open computer with run command 01

Click selective startup
Image 3
open computer with run command 02

Then go to start up
Image 4
open computer with run command 04

Then deselect the programs which no need to open at startup
But one thing remember that don’t deselect any windows 32 programs.
Then click ok.
Restart the system. Now your computer will open very quickly.