Create a lighting ring on an image

Create a lighting ring on an image
First take an image and open it in Photoshop

Double click on image  layer

then press OK
After that take pen tool and create a line as you like, when you use pen tool hold Alt button to create smooth edge.

Now select brush tool

Change the foreground color as you like and again select pen tool

which line you created, right click on that line and select “stroke path….”  option
it will open stroke path option box and press OK
now it will create a ring according to your line

Press enter
Create a new layer
now select Air Brush

Select the new layer start draw which color you want, you can take different type of color, like that
now we are doing most important part, first select the layer and Hold Alt Key, move mouse pointer between the middle of the layers, mouse pointer will change now and click. like that

select the first layer and double click
put the setting in the option box

your lighting ring is ready now.
Video Tutorial