How to create a movie file in windows movie maker? part 2

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Today we learn how to add music in your movie clip and how to cut music as per your requirements?
Go to Import Audio or Music

windows movie maker

First select the music file and drag in the time line. Select the music by left mouse button and drag
Take a look at the image below
windows movie maker

windows movie maker

Then play the music file just for check it is played on not.
You can save your file once. If the song is longer than your clip then go to the time line and select the song. Press the Space-bar button the song play now automatically. How many seconds or minutes you want just press Space-bar button again it will pause the song. Now the final task you have to do. There is a split button below the video bar. Just click on it. It will cut the song. 
windows movie maker

Now your song divided in to two files. Select the last one which you don’t want. Just press the delete button and delete it.
windows movie maker

Save the file now
Video Tutorial

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