How to create a movie file in windows movie maker?

If you want to expert in Windows Movie make then follow this tutorial step by step with video tutorials.
Today we learn how to create a movie file in windows movie maker? Windows movie maker is one of the best easy software to create a movie. If you have a basic idea about computer then you can easily handle this software. I will show you how you create a movie with pictures.

Windows movie maker video Tutorials: video editing

First part - How to create a project file and add effects to an image?
 Go to start- all programs- Windows Movie Maker

widows movie maker tutorials

Then go to File- New Project
widows movie maker tutorials

Go to Import Pictures
widows movie maker tutorials

Then a window will come. Select all the images and drag to the timeline. If you want then select one by one and drag it to the time line. This is your choice. 
 Go to – View Video Transition
widows movie maker tutorials

Same as image, we drag the effects on the timeline. There is a small box. Add the effect there.

widows movie maker tutorials

If you want to add the video effect then goes to View - Video Effect 
Then go to play button and play the video.

At the end save the file.

You tube Video file-

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