How to watch YouTube videos over slow connection without constant buffering?

Very slow internet connection, want to watch videos on YouTube?

There are very few who don’t know about YouTube at least who use the internet. YouTube is one of the medium where you can get many different kinds videos like fun videos, tutorials, full movie, film songs lots of things. Where you can express yourself. But the problem is that when your net speed is being slow.


How you watch YouTube in slow speed net connection without buffering?
First, go to and change [www] to [m] like

Copy the link address that you want to see.


Then open vlc media player
Go to Media and click open network stream



Then click play button and enjoy your video.

How to type Bengali Front in Photoshop with avro keyboard?

Type Bengali Front or Bangla words in Photoshop: Photoshop Tutorial

Are you facing any problem when you type Bangla in Photoshop?

Photoshop is the best software for graphic design, you can say that photoshop is the mother software for graphic designer. There is not a problem in English front, but when you work in bangla front, I think you will face the problem. It will show you ??????????? like that. In this tutorial I will show you how to write bangla in Photoshop using Avro keyboard.  Why I will use avro keyboard, because in Photoshop Bangla fornt is not support directly? When you type Bengali in Photoshop its creating problem, Photoshop front is not working properly. It’s irritating us. I will show you how to type Bengali front in Photoshop step by step? This tutorial is very simple and useful, use this trick for the bangla front problem in photoshop. I hope it will help you.


You have to follow some technique which I will show you. First install Avro Keyboard software for typing Bengali front in Photoshop. Please install it.

Watch You Tube Photoshop Tutorial: 

Free download from here:

Now open Photoshop
Take a blank page for typing Bengali
Go to “Avro Keyboard” menu bar, select the “settings” button, click on the “Output as ANSI”

Photoshop tutorial

Click on “use ANSI anyway”
Photoshop free tutorial

Go to Photoshop select “Shyam Rupali ANSI” front.
Photoshop tutorial

Press “F12” to select Bengali front for “Avro Keyboard”. “F12” is the shortcut key for changing front [Bengali or English] in “Avro Keyboard”
Now you can type Bengali in Photohop smoothly. Enjoy your Bengali typing.

how-to-type-bengali-front-in-photoshop 05

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